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    Welcome to the website of the Happiness For Amimals Foundation


    It is the spring of 2019. Spring is slowly starting, the newborns (are cautiosly seen in the meadowns) show themselves carefully in the meadows. The time has come again to report the abuses of animals that are hindered in their welfare. A whole lot of reports that have to be followed by the law officers are rejected by lack of evidence or is it a “personal situation between neighbours where an animal is set into a scrimmage”.

    In situation like these, we are often late, animals are left to their own. Therefore, BVDD wants to commit itself to situations like this. In which an animal, always in consultation with the owner, can be helped so that the animal welfare situation remains as stable as possible or can be restored.

    Unfortunately, there are situations in which urgent help is needed, such as a medical admission of people or the death of an owner, where a pet needs a temporary reassignment. In those cases, BVDD wants to mediate and ensure that the tension is removed from the animal and stress situations are limited at low levels as possible, and that the animal maintains its welfare. There are also cases in which an animal’s owner feel powerless (has his hands in her hair) because he / she no longer knows what to do with his/her animal behaviour. BVDD wants to advise in such situations or ensure that people and animals receive help.

    Stichting Blijdschap Voor De Dieren (Foundation Happiness for the Animals), to be referred to as BVDD, was founded on 10 May 2019 by Frank Dogterom. The foundation has the purpose to preserve and promote animal welfare. Frank is a huge animal lover and has been an inspector for animal protection from 2013 – 2016. From 2017 – 2018 he worked with animals that are chronically ill, a physical or visual impairment, are incontinent, have experienced old age, dementia or have experienced too much stress or hardship that they could not be replaced. Frank was also intensively involved in care, rescue, mediation, relocation and advice regarding animals in need. He collaborated with a team of volunteers.


    The managers of BVDD have a passion for animals and have a warm heart for this foundation. They work together, they joined forces to create a bigger potential, larger potential of actions also with their already existing network in order to be able to do much more for animals in poor welfare. The BVDD Foundation does not depend on donations, gifts and subsidies to pay its own operating costs. All advisory services offered will be free of charge. If any costs have to be committed to, for example, hiring a behavioural expert, this will be discussed and possibly will not pass the cost on. However, with additional financial resources, services provided on site or expert cares or other specific skills professionals can be hired.

    This policy plan outlines the general policy, management, strategy and governance that the foundation has in mind for the coming years.

    Our objectives

    Independent Animal Mediation

    Through Animal mediation, BVDD tries to look together with the owner of an animal for a solution of “human-animal or animal problems”. We try to guide the owner how he / she can best deal with the problems between owner and animal. If necessary, experts are to be taken into the case and consulted. Our baseline is “that you are the one who wants to change and the animal can possibly do it”.

    Animal Rescuer

    Thanks to our experiences with inspection work within the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals, BVDD can promptly foresee and take actions when it comes to providing assistance with “rescue work” for animals. Nationally, we are pleased to provide assistance to the society and support any social problem cases in which animals are involved.

    Special Projects

    Not only in the Netherlands and neighbouring countries there are problems or deficiency when it comes to animal welfare in general. Helping disadvantaged animals in Europe is also a point of attention for our foundation. We are open to support individuals and associations considering to start a project. In which, the aim of such project is to improve the living conditions of animals. We do not invest through financial support on projects, but support through material and manpower. It is not important to us where the request for help comes from. The principle stands to improve the welfare and living conditions of animals. In order to be eligible for such a project, the individual and / or organisation must give full disclosure in order to us to assure that this is really a distressing case or emergency aid.


    Free contributions (gifts)

    BVDD does not request payment for its services. Although, we do have to charge travel costs in some cases, but that will not be more than the current usual rate. We do our work on a voluntary basis and always in the interest of the animal. Everyone is free to make a donation or contributions (gifts) so that we can also help animals if external expertise professionals are needed.

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